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Welcome to Berndt Schweizer and Irene Orecher’s WerkstattGalerie in Peißenberg, Oberbayern. The workshops are located in in a former cement factory in Peißenberg, 50 km from Munich –why not just drop in and be inspired by the creativity on display there.

 أَهْلاً وَسَهْلاً وَمَرْحَباً

Cofinanziert durch

SURGE. The sculpture is 300cm long, 97 cm high with a diameter of 110 cm. Weight: 1200 kg.

Berndt Schweizer produces the following objects in the WerkstattGalerie in Oberbayern in collaboration with the well-known all-round artist Irene Orecher:

Craftsmanship and artistry from the WerkstattGalerie Peißenberg, Upper Bavaria

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If you are interested in our products, you can simply visit the WerkstattGalerie Peißenberg and its attractive exhibition gardens, not far from Munich. A visit is well worthwhile. We are always happy to answer any enquires you may have either by telephone or by e-mail– we look forward to hearing from you!

Werkstattgalerie Berndt Schweizer, Diplom-Designer F.H.
and Irene Orecher
Bergwerkstraße 10
D- 82380 Peißenberg
Phone: +49 8803/22 57
Fax: +49 8803/60 85 3

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